Divergent (2014)

Despite lukewarm critic reviews Divergent is actually a nice addition to the young adult sci-fi / dystopia novel / movie genre. Obviously, the movie did much better with audiences than with critics, which is always a good sign. Divergent may be formulaic and predictable, but it is based on good formula, and constructs a unique world that is fun and interesting to experience. Kant would be proud, as everyone is sectioned off by categorical affiliation, which creates a somewhat hierarchical caste system. The factions include, Dauntless (warriors), Erudite (intellectuals), Candor (assholes), and Abnegation (Buddhists). Among these are so called Divergents who fit into no category and show qualities of all categories. These folks represent a threat to the systematic self-annihilation intrinsic to conforming to an archetype.

The political domain is wisely the realm of Abnegation (those who hold self-sacrifice and charity above all things) but Erudite (the intellectuals) have a problem with this. As protagonist (born Abnegation) chooses to become Dauntless (a warrior), tensions between the Intellectuals and Buddhists flare with all out war looming on the horizon.

This movie is definitely worth watching, and I will be looking forward to the next two entries into the trilogy.


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